This Book Will Change Your Life!

Or maybe it won't. In fact, it probably won't. But it's a pretty good book so you should buy it anyway. In fact, you should buy a couple of hundred copies.

Snake Dance is a tongue-in-cheek look at the outdoors by nationally-known author Brent T. Wheat. Channeling Dave Barry and Patrick F. McManus the book is alternately humorous and thoughtful as it uncovers the naked truth about the outdoors: the sun doesn't always shine, the fish don't always bite and the campsites are often filled with drunken outlaw biker gangs. In spite of the snags, Snake Dance also reveals that the outdoors is likewise filled with fun, awe and insight.

An excerpt from the chapter Sled Zepplin

"Time froze as I hit the ramp, allowing me to blurt out several very bad words. I then made the previously mentioned promise to retire even though it seemed a moot point since I was likely headed for the orthopedic ward of the local trauma center.

Sailing off the lip of the ramp the mutinous sled went one direction as my body careened in another. Catching a boot in the snow, I began a series of radical twisting somersaults that scattered hats, gloves and other personal effects over a 20-yard radius like a bomb blast.

The landing was later described as very similar to the opening sequence of ABC Television's old Wide World of Sports program, the one where the announcer dramatically intones, "...and the agony of defeat" as a ski-jumper splatters like a hummingbird hitting an airplane propeller. The primary difference was that this Agony of Defeat left a larger debris field of spinal fragments."


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About the author.

A well-known and award-winning writer, photographer, radio & television talent, speaker, web-designer, media spokesperson, shooting instructor, elected official, retired police officer, bourbon connoisseur, cigar aficionado, backpacker, hunter, fisherman, gardener, preparedness guru, musician, and jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none, Brent Wheat is the editor and publisher of WildIndiana.com